Former Teacher Reviews “Caring Lessons”

I’m happy to share a review of Caring Lessons by Carol Breems, a former teacher and long-time friend of one of my older sisters.
This holiday time, I spent time reading your wonderful book.  Just wanted you to know how meaningful it was to me.  You have found a new career – your style is so informative, yet keeps your interest.

I really did enjoy your life and felt so privileged to be part of it through your book.   Your various positions were most interesting and how good God is to have allowed you all the education to accomplish all you did in these various fields.

Loved your caring, humor, and honesty.  I must say I was relieved when you did retire as I was worn out working so hard with you and shedding many tears.

Thank you sincerely for this opportunity to see God’s hand at work in your life.  May you now move on into new arenas and share the blessings!

To Marv:  Thank you sincerely, Marv, for showing your love, constancy, devotion, and moving boxes so many times for Lois.  I love the lines:  “Guess I’ll have to get the boxes from the attic again.  I’m not going to change your mind anyway!” You are a treasure of a husband, Marv!
Thank you, Carol, for letting me feature your review here!  And before Marv’s head swells up, I’ll make sure he keeps cooking me dinner… On second thought, it’s my birthday today–69!– so I think I’ll remind him that birthdays mean dinner out.
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