Aruba is Calling

Aruba 2011

I hate to do this to you twice in one month, but duty calls. The Midwest has gotten too snowy, too cold, too gray. So we’re heading to Aruba. Stay warm everyone.

We’re going armed with books, so I should have some good book reports when I return.

And stay tuned for my book blog tour that I’ll be participating in during March. News about Caring Lessons will be out all over!

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5 thoughts on “Aruba is Calling

  1. Aruba or Bust!! Hope the weather cooperates and you will be on your way soon. Be Safe! Love you both very much, Love Kath

  2. Oh Lois, “Aruba, Jamaica…” Have a wonderful trip. Lord only knows you deserve it and after having lived in Chicago, I know what that weather can be like; you’re already on your way, eh? Again, have a wonderful time!

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