New Neighbors in Millennium Park – 2014

Living in the city, we have lots of interesting neighbors. But the latest newcomers, at 21 to 39 feet, are the tallest. From my living room window, I recently spotted a large white oval resembling the top half of a gigantic egg. So we took a trip across the street, and this is what we found facing Michigan Avenue.

IMG_0773We found more “elongated female heads” just east of Jaume Plensa’s other creation in the park, Crown Fountain.

IMG_0768From these sculptures, facing west, we could see Chicago’s skyline and the children splashing in the space between the two waterfall faces of Crown Fountain.

IMG_0766We could barely find these “brown” dreamy heads among the trees as they stand guard over the children as their parents line up alongside to watch. Crown Fountain is a favorite among kids, parents, and retirees like us as a cooling time out on a hot summer day.

IMG_0771See more photos in the article below:

Giant Heads Turn Heads in Millennium Park | Chicago Tonight | WTTW.

You are welcome to join our new neighbors as they help us celebrate the tenth anniversary of Plensa’s Crown Fountain. The sculptures will be on display until December 2015.



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4 thoughts on “New Neighbors in Millennium Park – 2014

    • Yes it is! On my way now to visit the Pullman Historical District. After all my time in Chicago, this is my first time to see this “company town” started by the maker of Pullman train cars.

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