Book Signing at Hair Salon

Many thanks go to Krystyna Velasco! It was a delight to meet a steady flow of other customers –  28 in all! –  from 4pm to 7pm today. I found we all appreciate her, not only for how she produces magic with our hair, but for her hospitality–her love for each of us and her ability to get us all together.

I even met a first year nursing student. JOY!

Here’s a pictorial taste of the evening — note Krystyna’s culinary arts expertise. And her pleasing sense of interior decorating. And the roses to match the cover of Caring Lessons.

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Thank you, Krystyna, for how you show CARING to all persons who are lucky enough to know you. Thank you to all the gals and guys who showed up. And thanks to Marv for showing up again, plus my friend Caroline for taking photos again (she’s the blonde with the camera case next to her on the table).

Estee Hanson Coiffures Hosts Book Event for Caring Lessons

Think books, buffet, and beauty salon.  Dream of a hairdresser than any new author would love to have as an advocate. Meet Krystyna Velasco on N. Wabash in Chicago.

Yes, it’s a bit overwhelming, but Krystyna has been selling Caring Lessons for me since it came out last fall. Tomorrow she is hosting a Tea with Lois for her clients and friends who bought the book. Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? I thought so when she first told me. Then I realized she was SERIOUS!

Check back in a few days. I’ll have pictures to show off the generosity of this very fine person.