Some days trying to be a writer is like climbing a mountain-after a heavy snow. Two years ago, I happened to be at Mount Rainier on the first day that hikers were allowed after record snowfalls. Their lone plodding journeys up long steep hills came to mind yesterday as I ran into some uphill snags of my own.

First, I discovered an error about Caring Lessons on two online bookstore sites. Hopefully, my publisher can get these corrected.

Second,  I got Caring Lessons back from the editor for a final read, and I, of course, had other things to do.  But now I will stop my life and read through it once again. If there are typos that my editor and I did not catch, I will plan on the readers to catch them and tell me, gently, before another printing!

Third, when I found out from this blog site, WordPress, that I could use my domain name for access, I tried to learn the process to get the name transferred from the site where I bought it. After an hour of evidence of my computer illiteracy, I clicked on SUPPORT. Those techie folks at both sites saved me from much angst. They are geniuses. And I now know terms like domain mapping, domain name system (DNS) , and name servers!

These are all uphill climbs I would not have had if I hadn’t decided to write a book and then blog about the process. But then what would I do for fun?