Writing Tip: Write with a friend.

I started writing Caring Lessons only because my long-time friend Marianna and I cooked up the idea together of writing our nursing stories.

Marianna and I live in different cities. We met in person in August of 2000 to make our writing plans. In fact, with respect to Marianna, one of my notes that week says that I want to write a book to leave my children “the legacy of living out a personal and professional friendship in an informative and  humorous way.”

For ten years Marianna and I have been a cheering section for each other. We’ve  brainstormed ideas from our professional lives for stories. We’ve hammered out possible formats–our final drafts don’t look at all like our first drafts (Marianna is on the home stretch with her book). We’ve had “business meetings” once or twice a year when we met in person to outline our future writing plans.

In other words, in the lonely business of writing we’ve made each other accountable for keeping our keister on the chair and churning out the words.

I lucked out with having a friend wanting to do the same thing I did. But anyone can find a writing friend or partner. More about this next time.