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This past weekend I was in a Tomah, Wisconsin, motel when I told my husband I had to check emails before we went for dinner. The computer was in the dining room of the continental breakfast motel.

I settled in and soon after a group of military men and women started a meeting around me. Then it began to rain, hard, against the window next to the computer. Since this is cranberry country, I was also surrounded with information on bogs and wine and recipe books.

As I scrolled through my emails, I spotted the one from my editor with a pdf file of Caring Lessons ready for the final proofing of the corrections I’d just sent in. I didn’t expect them back so soon and had thought I’d have the weekend free. So I focused, blotting out the surrounding noise, and checked the 20-some corrections I’d made a few days earlier. Not easy, but when one has to focus, I found out I could.

I went back to our room and told my husband why I’d been delayed and that I was ready to go for dinner. I asked, “Did you notice that it rained?”

He’d been watching the news and hadn’t noticed. He went to stand by the window. “Hey, look at this. There’s a rainbow.”

Rainbow in TomahI grabbed my camera. A rainbow–surely a good sign after the final proof on a galley.

Seeing a rainbow always reminds me of the story about Noah and the flood. Maybe you remember the story, too, from Sunday School.

To see the rainbow, look above the trees on the left (or click on the photo to enlarge). A comforting promise!