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Well, I’m on the final, final trek to get Caring Lessons off to the printer. Have been working on refining the wording on the back cover. Have a great editor helping me make my nursing jargon understandable. I’m so used to talking as if everyone knows what I mean. Not so.

It reminds me of when I first heard the expression “extravasation of the vesicants.” I had no clue, but soon learned it was a phrase describing what happens when IV chemo leaks out of the vein into the tissue. It’s just not a phrase that persons outside the health care field would likely know or use. It reminds me, too, of when I was taking a grad school research course and learned the term “triangulating on the referent.” I don’t find much use for using these words anymore, but it sure rolls nicely off the tongue.

So today marks another week gone in the countdown. Excerpts on the sidebar under PAGES come from “Chapter 11 – Meeting Sadie” and “Chapter 12 – Cleaning House.” The first describes getting my master’s degree in psychiatric nursing, and the second the first job afterward. A whole lot of new learning going on!