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On July 13, I promised you a follow-up on my sister’s visit. Here’s a few pictures. All places are within walking distance of Millennium Park at Randolph and Michigan.

Union Station / Amtrak

The Bean at Millennium Park

Elevated Walkway from the Park to the Art Institute

View of Lurie Gardens from the Art Institute

The Michigan Ave Entrance of the Art Institute

Pritzker Pavillion - Millennium Park (free concerts)

One of Many Flower Beds in Millennium Park

Monroe Harbor - Great for a Lakefront Walk

Walk the Lakefront to the Museums

Stop for a Look Back at the Skyline

Yoke Restaurant (yellow awning) near Roosevelt and Michigan

The Eye Sculpture on South State Street

Pedicures at Mario Tricoci - 900 N Michigan

Quiche in the Walnut Room - Macy's on State

So if you follow this a bit, you’ll notice, except for a mile western jaunt to Union Station, everything takes place between 1200 S Michigan and 900 N Michigan. All walkable! And all with potential stops along the way. And I didn’t even go into shopping! Nordstrom Rack, TJMaxx, Macy’s, Filene’s Basement, Loehmann’s, and more right in the Loop just west of Millennium Park. Come and see for yourself…