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Getting closer! It’s either 9 or 5 weeks before Caring Lessons arrives on the warehouse dock in SW Chicago for Marv and me to pick up. We’ve been assured the boxes will fit in our SUV. Since we live in a smallish condo, my storage–like everyone else living in a smallish condo–will be my bathtub. Good thing I prefer showers.

I will post specific order information in the next few weeks.

Excerpts for this week are from a turning point in my career. From enjoying teaching mental health nursing, “Chapter 17 – Nothing Physical,” to finding myself getting bored and needing a change.

I had no idea (but then, who does!) that my job change would lead to what I see as my late-onset-sewing-my-wild-oats period in my career. See the beginning of this have-car-will-travel escapade in “Chapter 18 – Fancy Title” where I take a research position in a Department of Medicine working with a physician (and working again near my friend Marianna).

Find these excerpts by clicking on “Excerpts” at the top of this page.

And hey, a big welcome to my new readers. Family and friends are spreading the word for me, and I thank you for checking in! If you choose to subscribe to this blog, I promise not to load up your inbox with what I ate for breakfast.

PS I’ve changed my blog theme (background for this blog) from WordPress’s Ocean Mist (the blueish one) to MistyLook. As some of you know, I like change, but another reason is I discovered elderchicks.com (yes, I’m sort of one) and loved their format (and content). A bit easier to read. Check them out, too!