Time’s beginning to move quickly, and I’m making some exciting plans for promoting Caring Lessons.

For fun this week, I searched on my Word program for one name that I use only in the first chapter of Caring Lessons. Since I’ve worked on the book off and mostly on for ten years, I suspected the search would come up with many files. Drafts for critique, originals, backups, final (and more final) edits. But I was shocked to find that Word found 78 files that contained that name. Now, I may have been obsessive about saving, because forbid I should lose one precious file, but I didn’t realize my saving behavior was that extreme.

Obviously, it’s time to start cleaning up the hard drive. Never fear–I have a mug full of memory sticks containing even more backups. So, if you are afraid of losing your precious manuscripts, follow my example and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. It’s given me peace of mind.

This week’s excerpt (narrowing it down now to one a week again) is from “Chapter 19 – No Surprises, Be Legal,” yet another stop along the have-car-will-travel period of my career. I relished every mile of this new jaunt along 94 to Valparaiso University and almost every minute of this new job. Find under EXCERPTS at the top of the HOME page.