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That’s right. Three weeks from today I should have a stack of books stashed into the corners of my life. On one blog, another new author has put up a jubilant picture of himself with his stacks. I may do the same!

It’s almost fall and that means school is starting soon. Even though I’ve been retired for ten years, my body still works on an academic calendar–July to July. My mind simply doesn’t work on a January to January time frame. And I still like to stock up on personal items with the thought that I won’t surface again until Christmas break.

With the thought of starting school, I checked out nursing faculty vacancies. I know many of us have “grayed” and retired, while others, with advanced degrees, have decided to enter more lucrative positions. Guess what I found. An Illinois site lists about 30 openings, while a national site lists around 300. Wow, I would not want to be a nursing dean or chair right now, days before school starts and students arrive.

I’m hoping, that in some small way, Caring Lessons can stimulate readers to think about becoming a nurse, then to consider teaching, and will encourage nurses who are already teaching nursing.