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Life’s been a bit hectic trying to get things done before Caring Lessons: A Nursing Professor’s Journey of Faith and Self comes out. But I had a most informative day yesterday. My daughter, with her business contacts, hooked me up with Karen Peterson, a sales representative for GoPromotions. She invited us to a large show of promotional items. Imagine a nurse roaming a huge Holiday Inn ballroom talking to vendors. I was out of my comfort zone, but no matter. Karen greeted us personally and pointed out booths that I may be interested in.

At each booth, the vendors asked what line of work I was in and what was I looking for. I said I was a writer and had a book coming out in September. They asked what the book was about. Nursing. And then they suggested appropriate items from their huge displays. It was really fun! I saw miniature hand sanitizers, lanyards to hold any size pen, bags of all types, plus anything else imaginable. Even a collapsible vase. Think of how convenient that would be to have in an office drawer. Someone brings you fresh flowers, presto, a vase flat in your drawer can open up and be filled with water.

And they served a healthy lunch (from a nursing viewpoint) — veggie wraps. I know people in corporations and people working in sales know all about these things, but for me, a nurse/teacher-turned-writer, this was all new. And I had a delightful time. Check it out! Items from ten cents up. And, no, I won’t get any “deal” for talking about my fun experience here! Just thought, as writers, you may want to know.