Yes, I’m writing a November Novel this year. Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, you should have. Because it’s consuming my life, and I want everyone to know it. Sound vain? That’s okay.

I finally can fully appreciate what a writing friend of mine did the last two November’s while I frittered away my November’s doing a little of this and a little of that–ending up with nothing, while she got the first draft written of two novels.

So this November I thought I’d show everyone, that is–anyone remotely interested, that I, too, can write a novel in November. Only 1667 words a day, right? No sweat. I can say that many words in just a few minutes of jabbering.

Joke. You just try a minimum of ninety minutes a day of the fastest thinking and writing you can do. It’s sweat. And then know that you have to average 1667
words a day so you have 50,000 at the end of the month. That make sense.

I have just ten days left, and I have run dry in my head. I’m hoping for a rain storm of plot twists to drench my brain. Soon. And if you’re a November Novel writer and you’re not having a word drought problem, please don’t tell me!