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Emergency Department

Image by Scoobyfoo via Flickr

Have you ever been beside yourself with some ache or pain? Have you ever felt helpless about getting help? Have you ever thought about crashing down the doors of the emergency room?

Have you ever known you should not go to the ER because even though you felt like your situation was life or death, you knew it wasn’t? (And you didn’t want to contribute to high health care costs!!!)

Rewind to my situation at midnight last night. And then listen to my rant about the goodness of things.

First and most important, I want to rave about my health care system’s email system. I was able to email my doctor when I was at my peak of thinking it was the ER or else. It felt so good to “talk” to her through my computer at midnight.

Second, I was thrilled when she responded by email this morning via her assistant that she was off today, but please make an appt to see one of her associates TODAY.

Third, I could not believe it when an office staff person, spending mucho time on their computer checking with whom and when they could fit me in, apologized several times for the delay.

Fourth, after the  “new” doctor (to me) spent an hour familiarizing himself with my “complicated history” — you don’t want to hear about it– and then empathetically addressed the problem, I was simply moved to tears.

So, tonight, I’m a happy camper. I’m not cured, but also I’m not feeling stranded in a huge city as a patient in a huge medical center. Thanks to an initial email at the height of need and most efficient follow-up.