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The flower show at Macy’s Chicago is over tomorrow, and, as I was going out for the afternoon, I told my husband I was not going to have time to take pictures this year. So, while I was gone, he surprised me and ran over to take some for me.

How sweet is that!

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Soon after the flower show opened, I discovered it while buzzing through the store on my way to Borders. The beauty and aroma slowed my speed-walk from 4 MPH to 1 MPH. They made me think spring is coming after all.

I took the escalators up to 7 to check out the Walnut Room. Where the famous decorated tree is at Christmas time, there was a tall, wide, and round display of colorful greens and plants. (My mother would have been able to name and describe them–not me.)

I decided I must have lunch. The hostess seated me right next to the foliage. The sweet aromas and the bright colors seemed to make my healthy chicken salad tastier and the white tablecloth whiter and the classical music in the background classier.  Just plain LOVELY. All of it.

If you could have joined me, that would have been fun too!