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With many thanks to Heidi McLaughlin, international speaker and author of Sand to Pearls: Making Bold Choices to Enrich Your Life and Beauty Unleashed: Transforming a Woman’s Soul, I present her new review of Caring Lessons: A Nursing Professor’s Journey of Faith and Self on Amazon:

This book intrigued me. I am not a nurse, but the quote in the back of the book inspired me to pick it up. It said, “…a great comfort to women trying to balance career, motherhood, and commitment to the greater good of mankind.” I know that’s what I want, and so I immersed myself into a nurse’s life for the next few days.

Lois is a brilliant, crafted writer. Her words create a visual masterpiece where I can feel the tension, see the belly laughing, visualize the wardrobes, smell the hospital operating rooms and embrace friendship.  With the guts of a parachuter, and the wisdom of a saint, Lois guides young women through the maze of a nurse’s life. It’s not all glamorous. Body washing an older man, emptying bed pans, pinworms, enemas and seeing rotten potatoes on pant legs, wasn’t what she signed up for.

I love her honesty about the challenges of juggling motherhood, Lego toys and diapers, and her struggle to find more meaning outside of her home. Lois journeys us through the days of starched uniforms and her nurse’s hat, to tennis shoes and “stretch and sew” turtle necks. Along the way she teaches us about friendship, laughter and following your heart. This is a great book, you won’t be able to put it down until it’s finished. Buy one for yourself and a gift for all your girlfriends.