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Kindle 2.0

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Caring Lessons: A Nursing Professor’s Journey of Faith and Self is now available on Nook.

Thanks, Rhonda Funk, publicist for Deep River Books. for letting me know.

Some readers already are happy it’s been on Kindle, so if an e-book reader is your thing, you’re all set.

I’m a bit behind technology, but recently my son-in-law practically pushed his new e-reader into my hands. Of course, he knew I’d be interested but had not yet taken the leap from paper to screen.

Well, I disappeared into my mind for more than an hour. He’d told me I couldn’t wreck it, so, in the warmth of the afternoon,  I retreated to a rocker on their front porch and pushed all the buttons.

I found myself reading the whole book of Ecclesiastes (…for everything there’s a season…) and much of the Reader’s Digest before I surfaced again.

A delight! Check one out.