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My husband prefers Aruban crabs to me when it comes to my technology mishaps.

“It’s all too much,” I’ve said to my husband, my kids, my friends, and to anyone I’ve talked to in the last few weeks.

I’m talking about technology, more specifically my new iPhone and Kindle. I’ve spent all my free time learning my phone, and my Kindle still sits here on my desk. And then, over the weekend, my curiosity made me open a suspicious email. The threatening messages started on my computer. It seems it was full of worms and, unless I plaid $89.95 for lifetime protection, all my passwords would be sent out to every scam artist in the whole wide world.

Panic, of course. So I called my techie son-in-law. In his measured voice, he said, “Turn your computer off. Now. Don’t do anything with it until Dad takes it to the office to have them look at it.”

Dad, you see, my ever-loving husband, has a computer expert at his work who now and then has to rescue me.

So I was grounded from my computer for almost two days. BUT, I had my iPhone and discovered I could get my emails there. Wow. But was I infecting the world by opening them? My husband said it was my computer that was infected, not my phone, but I didn’t dare respond to any emails for fear of sending my worms to all my friends.

My important phone call came at ten this morning. My husband. “We’re almost finished with your computer. We’ve managed to save everything.”

I’m sure you know the feeling. Everyone has had their computer crash at least once. My blood started flowing again, the sun shone in the sunless sky, and my step to Walgreen’s to run errands evolved into dancingĀ  on the gray damp sidewalks.

Life is good. Now, maybe I’ll be able to start enjoying my Kindle.The only thing I’ve done so far on that is download my book – Caring Lessons: A Nursing Professor’s Journey of Faith and Self.

You see, firsts are very important to me. Naturally, I had to download my own book first on my Kindle.

Which reminds me, last night, when I was grounded from my computer, I learned how to download and buy a song on my iPhone. I spent long minutes deciding which song to download first.

Who was my favorite singer? Of course, George Beverly Shea. I typed his name in and scrolled his songs. There it was – “Lead Me, Guide Me” – my classroom theme song in my teaching life when I taught Mental Health Nursing to baccalaureate students.

While my husband was trying to listen to the end of the Superbowl game, I found the volume button on my iPhone and joy rang into the room. My music was so much better: “Lead me, guide me, along the way, for if you lead me, I cannot stray…”