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your time.

I’m playing Grandma again, many miles from home. Leaving the fitness center with my grandchildren this morning, I noticed a sign by the nursery door reminding moms (and grandmoms) that our best gift  to our children is our time. 

I like that. Last week I spoke to a MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group.  A question was raised about how to reward children other than with food. I asked for group input. One gal said, “Give Mommy time.” She has it right. If you can, skip the sweet treats and give Mommy time to your child. 

By the way, I was speaking on The Meaning of Food. The what, how, when, why, and with whom you eat food.  Traditions. Rituals. Celebrations.  What role food plays in your life.  A topic I’ve taught to nursing students, plus having been a lifelong attempter at losing those extra pounds, I’m somewhat of an expert on what works for me. 

I like a few ideas I got years ago from  Geneen Roth’s When Food is Love. Eat when hungry, stop when  full, don’t deprive yourself. This came to mind today when one of my grandchildren had a birthday. We celebrated with birthday cake. I did not deprive myself. We got fun photos of frosting smushed into little faces and fingers. A tradition: I have the same photos of my kids on their birthdays. 

Afterwards, of course, I entered the extra 300 calories on my food tracker on my iPhone, plus I was very happy to be able to enter the 45 minutes of Aqua Zumba this morning.

Aside from cake and presents, my little grandchildren got lots of Mommy time today, but also Daddy time and Grandma time. Berenstain Bears anyone?