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Fun Friends Forever 7/11

If you’ve read Caring Lessons, you know Marianna. In Chapter 7,  Finding a Friend, she’s the “Red Hair” gal I spotted in a class I was taking and determined, immediately, that she ” could be the friend I wanted. A friend with an insatiable mind for learning” (p. 78).

It was Marianna who first inspired my memoir writing. She had written creative nonfiction long before I did, so it was natural when I flew to visit her, that I’d see, and read, all these luscious books on writing that lined bookshelves in her guest room. It was there that I met people like Natalie Goldberg and Robert Pinsky for the first time.

Not long ago, Marianna joined the blogging world, focusing on her nursing career as a nurse practitioner and nursing issues in general. Please help me welcome Marianna Crane.

Marianna’s post yesterday gives us an informative take on the nurse’s role under the Affordable Care Act and also an introduction to the healing Reiki practice of one of her nurse practitioner friends, Jane Van De Velde, DNP, RN.

I’ve listed Marianna’s Nursing Stories blog under My Favorite Blogs on the sidebar. After sharing many experiences together for over thirty years, it’s delightful to be WordPress colleagues now!