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I was the single woman at [your grandniece’s] wedding last fall.  You sat at my table. As a 65-year-old, I quickly find a place to sit rather than stand in high-heels.  I enjoyed our visit at the restaurant.

When [your niece] gave me your book to read, I was quite impressed.  I loved it! Loved it! Loved it!  I enjoyed all the stories.  My hero, of course, was Marvin.  I am sure you wrote the book that way.  I am sorry that I did not get an opportunity to meet him the night of the wedding.

I hope your book does really well. Your story deserves a wide audience. It’s not just for nurses!

My son-in-law is a Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry in Tucson.  He was just licensed for that field last summer.

A true story that was recently on TV is a book that I read in 2005.  A Smile As Big As the Moon.  The Hallmark channel played it on prime time a couple of Sundays ago and they will re-run it on the Hallmark Channel for a while.  Absolutely wonderful true story.

Perhaps someone will offer to buy the rights to your story. I think it would be great. And maybe Meryl Streep would be cast as Lois!

Why not dream big? I look forward to visiting with you again some day.

Linda Gard

Meryl Streep receiving honorary degree from Ha...

Meryl Streep receiving honorary degree from Harvard University. Harvard Commencement 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you, Linda, for your kind letter and permission to post it. My regalia from the University of Illinois is nearly the same color as the robe and hood Meryl Streep is wearing here. But I have a lovely royal blue velvet tam…after all that work for a doctorate, no mortarboard for me! I’m sure Ms. Streep could play me very well. Probably even an Oscar-winning performance! Dream big…