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One hundred years ago tomorrow, the first cornerstone of Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago was laid on a dirt road not yet named Michigan Ave. There was no way then to know that one day the church would be in the middle of the Magnificent Mile.

Today, a second cornerstone was laid. This time for the Gratz Center, a four-story, multipurpose educational hub to serve the ministry needs of our always growing congregation and the needs of our neighbors.

After a church service welcoming twenty-nine new members, hundreds watched the ceremony from the street or via live video feed in the sanctuary.

The new cornerstone features a simple cross and the date: 2012.

The cityscape surrounding the church reflects Fourth’s mission emphasis as A Light in the City.

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Christ is made the sure foundation,

Christ the head and cornerstone,

chosen of the Lord and precious,

binding all the church in one;

Holy Zion’s help forever,

and our confidence alone.

“Christ is Made the Sure Foundation”

Seventh Century Latin Hymn

The Gratz Center, also containing the Buchanan Chapel, will open officially on November 18.  That will be one super happy day with lots of thanks and praise to God! Join us!