The New York Times reported yesterday that people in Newtown, CT, do not know the right thing to do now after the tragic loss of lives. But, as I thought about this last night,  I knew the right thing for me to do today, on this primarily weekly blog post, was to extend my sympathy and prayers to those people.

As a mom and grandma and nurse, I do not even know the right words to say.  My loss of words to describe how I felt when I heard the news reminds me of what Elie Wiesel said about writing Night:  “I knew I had to testify about the past but did not know how to go about it…I felt incapable and perhaps unworthy of fulfilling my task as survivor and messenger. I had things to say but not the words to say them.”1

The right words do not matter to God. I can pray, as our minister did yesterday, to follow John the Baptist’s example to be “messengers of hope and healing when our hearts are in despair.” I can pray that we, as a nation, figure out how to deal with the issues involved. And I can pray for the promise of Christmas to bring meaning and peace to all who are suffering, and to all of us who stand alongside.

1Elie Wiesel. 2001. A Sacred Magic Can Elevate the Secular Storyteller, in Writers on Writing, Times Books: NY, p. 260.