Why don’t we as nurses stand up for ourselves in the public sphere? I’m proud of the action of my friend, Marianna Crane, nurse practitioner and writer. Read her story and be inspired to act yourself.

Nursing Stories: Memories of an Older Nurse

#1I can’t believe I was the only one.

In my last post I referenced The Truth About Nursing blog in which we are asked to write to two journalists who did not mention nurses in their article about Hillary Clinton’s hospitalization. The story read as if doctors were the only health professionals caring for her.

I’ve always been angry about how we nurses are represented in the media and, in this case, how we are ignored in the media. On February 5th, I wrote the journalists the following and copied The Truth About Nursing.


Matthew Lee and Marilynn Marchione,

As a long time nurse I am always sad when I read stories related to health care that omit any mention of the contribution of nurses. In your December 3, 2012 article: Hillary Clinton hospitalized with blood clots, http://www.businessweek.com/ap/2012-12-31/hillary-clinton-hospitalized-with-blood-clot, you stated Hillary needed hospitalization. Indeed she…

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