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2014-10-05 13.43.37

Yes, I know we feel like summer has passed us by, but it is time to enjoy this season of change. Fall is on its way. The Chicago Marathon yesterday. The nippier temperatures. The leaves changing outside our window.

I didn’t know that leaves on top of trees change color first until we moved into our high rise nine years ago. See the photo above taken a week ago Sunday, the 5th.

2014-10-08 06.55.19

And, I rarely get a chance to photograph the sunrise. The reason is obvious. Even though many days bring breathtaking views, I’m still asleep. But last Wednesday, the 8th, I happened to be up long enough to grab my camera…before I went back to bed.

2014-10-12 12.09.39

Yesterday’s view, Sunday, the 12th, showed a lot more redness than a week ago. Boats are still in the harbor, though, so a remnant of summer is still here. I plan to hang on to those summery pictures in my mind while starting to pay attention to the new ones that fall brings. And to thank God for the beauty in our changing seasons.

I hope you do too.