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According to the American Nurses Association, the US needs 1.1 million registered nurses over the next eight years.

If you are, or know anyone who is, interested in nursing, but don’t feel you know enough about it to make a career choice or switch, the interviews of nurses conducted by The American Nurse Project are just what you need.

Click on The American Nurse Project: Interviews and find short videos of nurses, from a variety of settings, talking about salient issues in their fields. The nurses’ experiences, in addition to specialty areas in hospitals, range from flight, to hospice, to midwifery, to homeless, to military and more. You may be surprised at the many places nurses work and the many things they do. Never a dull minute!

Also, information about the Project’s book and award-winning documentary, including a study guide, can be found here.


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After nearly forty years in nursing, including practice, education, research, administration, and becoming the author of Caring Lessons, I encourage you to explore my wonderfully stimulating and challenging and fulfilling career!