From the Chicago Tribune today: “The annual dyeing of the Chicago River for St. Patrick’s Day is a family reunion for the Butler and Rowan clans, the two families responsible for the tradition of turning the murky water into a bright ‘Ghostbusters’ Slimer green for more than 50 years.” The tradition started in 1962 and started at nine o’ clock this morning.

There’s mystery behind the orange powder that boat crews shake into the river; no one but the original families knows the recipe and they don’t plan to give it out.

Jovial folks, dressed in green, swarm to the river between Michigan and State streets.

Move along folks!

Ready to celebrate!

2016 - Greening of Chicago River 033

We made these new friends!

The annual St. Patrick’s Day parade is going on now. We can see it turn a corner from each of our east-facing windows; however, it’s less crowded and more comfortable to watch it here at home on TV!

Helicopters buzz overhead; children run gaily through Millennium Park; green clad people fill the sidewalks; drivers beep their horns hoping to speed up traffic jams;

and then pedestrians become quiet as screaming sirens announce emergency vehicles and impatient drivers begin to patiently weave toward the sides of the streets to open a path for the injured or ill… Humanity at its best in my city.

Like Mr. Rogers used to day, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…”Let’s all be neighbors today–smile, greet one another, respect each others’ needs.