“Would you like some water?”  I have never been asked this question when doing business in Chicago. We’ve been here in Sioux Falls for three days and I’ve been asked if I’d like some water four times– by our new homeowners insurance agent, our new banker, a salesperson in a furniture store, and the owner of a mattress store. I’ve come to wonder if I look dehydrated. Or thirsty. 

Coupled with being greeted upon entering, moving through, and leaving business places, along with all the smiling folks, I’m realizing that what so many people have told us is true: Sioux Falls is a very friendly place.

I hardly know how to act. People are friendly in Chicago but not like this. 

Other first impressions: my bank in Chicago could fit in the lobby of our new bank; there is such an open expanse between the tellers and the bankers’ private offices that one could roller skate in circles while sipping the offered bottle of water. The insurance office has a mini fridge full of pop and water and a bowl of small packages of candy, enough to feel like you’re at a party before your appointment. A grocery  store had so many people offering to help me,  I felt disoriented.

Now, after these observations, if they offer us water when we go to close on our house next week, I should be over my shock, realize I probably look adequately watered, and simply accept the bottle graciously.