I’m thankful for my blogging friend’s thoughtful essay. I wish I had her elegance of words to sort out my ambivalent feelings today.

A New Day: Living Life Almost Gracefully


I am on my way to the Naples, Florida sister march today and JB is going with me. I lived through the Civil Rights Movement and the Feminist Movement. They moved me greatly but I didn’t march – for reasons that I don’t remember. Today I am belatedly joining other women and men to make my voice heard that I believe in all that those movements stood for and even more.

Yes, JB is going with me and I thanked him this morning with tears streaming down my cheeks. I told him that it meant so much to me that he, too, wants to take a stand that it is not okay for men to treat women as second-class citizens, as objects to be used and abused. He is willing to take a stand that he doesn’t want any man to believe it is okay to grab our daughters, granddaughters…

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