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Until last week, I’d never heard of the Vasa  Then, suddenly, when some folks knew we’d be in Stockholm, I got advice that we must go to the Vasa Museum. So today we did.

First, we met with our Viking Representative stationed in the lobby of our Radisson Blu at the Waterfront  We asked how to get to the Vasa Museum. She asked if we wanted to take public transportation. Of course!

Following her directions, we went across the street to a shop like a 7-11 inside the major train station to buy our bus tickets.  They took our Visa as long as we had a picture ID. The stop for bus #69 was right in front on the train station, and we only had to wait about five minutes.

– The bus was new, clean, and attractive. 

We’d been told to get off at the first bridge after we’d passed some water. The beginning of the name of the stop sounded something like a friend from high school, so I kept his name in mind.  We are used to pulling a cord to signal the driver when we want to get off, but finding no cord, we saw a bright red stop button right in front of our seat.

Feeling very accomplished, we exited at the right place and followed a crowd. And this is what we found! A huge war ship–the Vasa launched in 1628, sunk after 1300 meters, stuck on the bottom of sea for 333 years, raised in 1961, with restoration still in process.

The three masts stick out of the roof of the museum.



Back–note intricate sculptures.

Part of intricate sculptures analyzed.

Closeup of those sculptures restored to original pigments.

Advanced techniques enable reconstruction of faces of sailors found in the ship.

The story surrounding this ship forms the early history of Stockholm. Read more here: https://www.vasamuseet.se/en

Nearly overwhelmed with information, we roamed the area awhile, then successfully took the bus back to our hotel to continue other sightseeing. We’ll be leaving for home tomorrow.

This noon we explained to our waiter that we, as South Dakotans, did not live near Florida. He knew of the hurricane. Tonight I explained to our waitress that our home in South Dakota was in the middle of the United States. She had wondered if that was near Oregon.

It seems most of us probably have much to learn about each other. I’m aware of so much more I’d like to know!