Thank you, Marianna, for pointing out the HOPE that nurses give. We are finding that very true with our hospice nurse from Avera@Home. She listens to our apprehensions, helps minimize concerns, and encourages us to take our trips and live life as normally as we can. We are thankful!

Nursing Stories & Other Tales

“Nurses give hope through their stories.” I heard this from Lee Woodruff who spoke about her role as caregiver for her husband. A roadside bomb in Iraq had wounded Bob Woodruff, a news reporter. His wife spoke on the last day of the Beryl Conference that I attended in Chicago two weeks ago.

Ms. Woodruff was told soon after her husband’s injury that he would not walk, talk, or be the same person. By her account this prognosis was delivered by the neurosurgeon in medicalese.

“Hope,” Ms. Woodruff said “is what patients and family need.” Hope. Not false promises. “Why don’t the doctors give hope like the nurses do through stories?”

When she referenced both “nurses” and “stories” in the same breath, I listened carefully not sure what she was going to say next.

She gave this explanation: nurses told scenarios about other patients they had cared for with a…

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