We are taking time off from cancer. Not really. But we’ve been pleasantly distracted with a few-day visit from friends, and while they were here, we visited Pipestone National Monument in Pipestone, MN, about an hour from our home.

From the Monument’s website: For countless generations, American Indians have quarried the red pipestone found at this site. These grounds are sacred to many people because the pipestone quarried here is carved into pipes used for prayer. Many believe that the pipe’s smoke carries one’s prayer to the Great Spirit The traditions of quarrying and pipemaking continue here today.

The warm and breezy day contributed to a sense of well-being and thankfulness for God’s gifts of nature, American Indian culture, and life, as we ambled along a 3/4 mile trail. Enjoy!

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This week, we’re looking forward to another road trip to see family and friends. I’ve told them this is not Farewell Hug Tour #2, but a Gratitude to God tour. It’s now been five months since the initial PET scan warning, and we are grateful for each added breath and each extra day.

If you see us sailing by on I-90 or I-94 or I-96, wave a hello!