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Our situation has changed. Two days ago, I wrote the note below to a closed online group for people who are living with Stage IV Small Cell Lung Cancer. Nearly 100 people have acknowledged that post, many of whom are bravely trying to beat this cancer. I’d like to share that note with you here:

I’ve commented on this page but not shared our story. My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV SCLC in January of 2018 by a biopsy of a marble-sized nodule under the skin on his right side.

At 77, being told chemo would buy him limited extra time, and feeling he’s “lived a good life, been very blessed, and am ready to go,” he opted for no chemo. He’s had a normal life since then, and we’ve made several trips to say farewell to many family and friends.

We’d been told he’d go full tilt and then he wouldn’t. That “wouldn’t” happened over this past week. He developed an unsteady gait, a severe headache behind his eyes, and began hallucinating. He’s been on hospice since January just for weekly checkups, and yesterday the staff diagnosed him, from his new symptoms, with a mass in the frontal part of his brain.

We are so thankful for these six normal months from this known very aggressive cancer and have received tons of support and prayers from our family and friends. We are at peace and pray for the same for each of you in your unique situations. Now we’ve been told his future is more limited than if his symptoms had showed up in other places in the body, and we hope to live each remaining day to its fullest with the help of his first medications.

I so appreciate the support I’ve seen here and each of you and your stories! Thanks for reading ours!

I also thank you, my blog readers, for following what I feel are my Grace Notes, one after another after another positive things that have happened for us since Marv’s diagnosis. I’m thankful to report today that his new symptoms are under control, thanks to daily visits and medication help from hospice

Walking with our grandkids today.

Today, we hung out at our daughter’s garage sale, an annual event. This weekend our son and daughter-in-law fly in for the week. We plan another trip next week to celebrate the Fourth with family in the town where Marv grew up. Every day is precious and we remain grateful!