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An entry for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

J is such fun letter that I could not decide which word to use. As an aside, I’ve had a lot of youngish, handsome handyman-type guys in my house since my husband died, and most of their names started with J! I’ve regaled my friends with stories about their physiques. Not that an old(er) widow should be noticing!

Thinking about J, jinx came to mind first. I’ve been jinxed, no doubt, by water problems. You’ve read about my recent ones, but last year I had a pipe burst which cost a bundle and left me with a hole in the wall. I finally decided to get it fixed. A small hole of about 8″x17″ will cost a few hundred dollars. And the pipe won’t pay, so this homeowner will be stuck with the bill.

Jabber is a good word, too. In high school, I had one of my older sisters for American Literature and she taught us about onomatopoeia: words which sound like the ideas they denote. Jabber does that! I was joyfully (another good J word) in a room with twelve women this morning who were positively jubilant (a good J word, too) about being together again. A magnificent clatter of jabber slammed the walls, and the sound of all those happy voices has kept me buoyant all afternoon. It was simply wonderful to be let loose from our COVID cages at last. Of course, even though vaccinated, we still took some precautions.

And then there’s jumble. I think of jumble as a hodgepodge of things. But today I’m thinking of people, a jumble of people from around the world who are participating in this April blogging challenge. They are covering every possible topic from movie critiques to recipes. Please take a few minutes and acquaint yourselves with international bloggers spending time this month to share their interests. Click the link below. Note that my blog is listed at #24 and my friend Marianna Crane’s is #76, nursing stories.org. She is blogging about places she’s been.


If you’re not that familiar with bloggers or blogging, here’s your opportunity to access hundreds! Enjoy.