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An entry for the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge

I wince when I think of normal, especially as used in the phrase getting back to normal.

In several discussions this past week, I concluded many of us feel rudderless. What do we do now that we’re vaccinated and things are starting to look up? What do we even feel capable of doing after a year “off” from our former lives?

Some of us feel physically weaker; we’ve sat too much. Some my age feel cognitively weaker; it’s as if not having to juggle several events a day sent our minds into hibernation.

One gal said she didn’t even feel she could travel far away anymore; she might forget something important. I concurred; how, just fourteen months ago, did I fly from Sioux Falls via Denver to Los Angeles overnight, then to New Zealand with a stop over in Germany? The idea of all those steps walked and security checkpoints mastered makes my shoulders shudder.

Now, I’m thrilled if I can master a trip to the grocery store.

In the Washington Post today, Hannah Sampson writes “those 65 and older–those at highest risk of illness and death from covid-19, and early in line for the vaccine–are starting to browse trips, actively plan and even hit the road.” Travel guru Rick Steves agrees about the uptick in interest, as well as Road Scholar, the company I went with to both Israel and Sedona, AZ, in the last few years.

One couple in the article said their plans for future travel give them something to look forward to. Ah, yes, the joy of anticipation!

It got me thinking: where would I like to go come 2022? Looks like I should start planning now. Being able to plan ahead would be a delightful return to normal. And give me fun places to dream about.

Do you have plans?

Sedona, AZ, 2019