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An entry for the Blogging from A to Z in April challenge.

The first word that came to mind with the letter V was victory. And with victory the words and tune of the song V is for Victory cascaded from my memory. I remember learning this song in Christian School, probably in the lower grades. The line “some days may be dark and drear” feels especially poignant today as we strive to emerge from our Covid crisis. But we can have hope because “in Christ the way’s all clear.”

Certainly we don’t understand the profound mysteries of God. The way’s all clear? Really?

But I’m grateful that I was taught that I don’t have to understand the mysteries; all I need to know (and trust) is that God is in charge. I was also taught, in gratitude, to do my part, which for me, a retired nurse with experience in communicable diseases, includes following the CDC guidelines and getting vaccinated.

I’m praying that our collective efforts will help all of us, especially those without the advantages we have in the US. Advantages that are easy for us to take for granted, and those without the advantages are taking drastic measures to have access to.

"V" is for victory! 
Sing it out, 'tis a glorious word;
"V" is for victory! 
It is ours through Christ our Lord.
Some days may be dark and drear,
In Christ the way's "all clear," 
For we have victory,
Victory in Christ our Lord!
(Shout) Victory! Victory!
(Shout) Victory! Victory!

Words by Wendell P. Loveless

Four more days to go in this challenge!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com