The final entry for the Blogging from A to Z in April challenge

At my fiftieth high school reunion some years ago, a grade school classmate, whom I hadn’t seen in years, told me she remembered me as being zany. I smiled and hoped it was a compliment, because I didn’t know what the word meant.

I looked it up. Amusingly unconventional. Idiosyncratic.

My high school student publication
Maybe I was zany!

Looking back, I remember my older siblings telling me that a sense of humor passed them up and I, as the baby of the family, got it all. I do easily find humor in the worst of situations. I suppose it’s a good coping mechanism, though. I wouldn’t know otherwise, as I’ve never not had a funny bone.

I think, too, that this definition of zany applies to what Marv used to dub me as unpredictable. He liked that he never knew what to expect from me. He said if I’d been boring, he’d have left me long ago.

Good thing being a bit zany came naturally. He might have been thrown me out on the curb, along with other boring things.

So this is it. Blogging the alphabet during April is over. I say farewell to this month with a wish for you that you can be true to yourself and stay firm in your faith. We will be facing our nation’s challenges alongside each other. Let’s accept each other’s differences, continue civil conversations, and find ways to brighten life for ourselves and for others.

And know that it’s okay to be a bit zany!

Sharing giggles with my daughter

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