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“What are you trying to prove?” my friend asked in a text. I had just sent her a photo of me stuck in my closet. I’d been trying to put a new recliner together and had to get behind it. Since it was somewhat heavy, I shimmied myself behind it into the closet. To see what I had to to see, I had to sit down. Well, then I was wedged in and couldn’t move. So I thought it was funny. Me in AZ stuck in my closet with none of my kids on site and none due to come for over a week. I thought, jokingly, that they would find me desiccated on the floor.

Up until that point, I’d done very well with the chair. I’d scrutinized and analyzed hundreds of recliners online, visited four furniture stores to sit in at least a dozen, and found my prize chair at a fifth store where my young sales gal, when I’d asked for “a skinny recliner that fits in a small space,” led me right to my prize! And it was available right then to take home.

What would you do? If all the chairs you’d already looked at were out-of-stock, back ordered, or were on a 8-12 week delivery schedule?

I know what you’d do. So I did it too. I backed up my SUV into the pick-up bay of this gigantic furniture warehouse and, giggling to myself, said to Marv in my mind, “Honey! Look at me!” I’d never backed up in such a bay in my life.

Well, the box was large, so when I got it home, I used all my brains and brawn to get the chair out of my trunk, onto the garage floor, around the house through the front door, and into the bedroom. I was out of breath and really giggly by the time I arrived on my closet floor.

Yes, indeed. Look at me. Turning 80 and in my own furniture delivery and setup business! Just don’t call me too soon. I don’t think my kids, or my friend, want to hear of any such escapades again from me for a long while.

In the photos below, I invite you to follow me from the pick up bay at the store to my bedroom. All I needed were a few pillows, a dolly, and a beach towel. Note I even managed to back up my SUV into our garage. Another first.

So I’m off to a roaring new start. It has to be all up hill from here!

Signing off from the closet. It’s cozy and comfy in here! I‘m sitting here on my 80th birthday trying to figure out what I’m trying to prove😂. Come on over and brainstorm this aging thing with me!