I was never interested in living two lives. Sounded too complicated for me. But here I am, one week shy of 81, living part of the year in South Dakota and the winter part in Arizona. Luckily, I only need care for a house in one. But everything else comes in duplicate.

Think of that! Two of everything! That could be confusing. And it is, most often with clothes. What did I leave in my winter place? And what do I need to take along from my home base in SD? But, of course, that can easily be rectified by shopping.

The most important thing to cultivate in both places is relationships. Now, my third year into this second life in AZ, I’m thankful for everything new! My friendly neighbors, stimulating church services and Bible study, fun book club with lunch outside afterwards, and a challenging writing group. Each comprised of members from all around the US.

I think my two lives will work out after all! I am blessed. Now I must get off to Bible study, then a Zoom meeting with a committee at my home church in SD, and then to dinner with relatives here. All without snow! As they say, it’s a great life…

My favorite hangout spot in AZ–the fire pit at our club. A great place to meet people. Note my cane, still a must for walking outside.