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Finally, Marv Taking Charge: A Story of Bold Love and Courage will become a reality! I hope to have books in hand by mid to late April.

An introduction: Lois Roelofs always knew that Marv, her husband of fifty-five years, had strong convictions. So when he was diagnosed with “very aggressive” small cell lung cancer, with a few weeks to a few months to live, she accepted that he wanted to die on his own terms―refuse chemo, choose quality of life over quantity, and die at home. She tells their story in a mix of personal notes, family and friend emails, and public blog posts written during Marv’s illness and her first months as a widow. At the time, she could find no personal accounts of refusing treatment and living with the resultant uncertainty.

I started writing those “personal notes” when Marv was diagnosed in January of 2018, long before I knew I would write a book someday about our experience. Now, over five years later and after years of writing, working with editors, and finalizing details with the publisher (Deep River), I feel as though I’ll be having a graduation of sorts. No cap and gown, but gratifying to say I’ve accomplished what Marv eventually wanted me to do–to write our story because he felt strongly that it may help others some day.

More news about how to get your copy later!