Nursing Program Recommendation

Thank you, Dr. Sue Dunn, for using Caring Lessons as a text in one of your courses for three consecutive years and allowing me to post your responses here:


 I wanted to let you know that I assigned Caring Lessons for students in our NURS 495 (Advanced Studies) course again this fall. The 27 students in the course loved the book and the 4 reading response assignments that they completed (taken from the list of reading response questions you sent me). The students shared that your book, and their reflections of your writing, greatly assisted them in discerning their own plans for their career and potential graduate school in the future. Thank you again for writing such a wonderful memoir. I will continue to use it in future NURS 495 classes at Hope.


My students loved the book and found the study guide questions helpful in stimulating deeper thinking about how aspects of the book may apply to themselves as nursing students and future nurses. I would definitely recommend the book for other nursing programs.


[I want] to let you know that your book was a big hit with the 15 senior students in our NURS 495 (Advanced Studies in Nursing) course (including one African American male). They loved the book and enjoyed answering the 3-4 questions per section that I assigned to them. I found that they actually responded to the questions in a journal-type format. I think they enjoyed writing about their journey applying to nursing school and their years at Hope, in addition to their goals and dreams for a nursing career and/or grad school. I will definitely use the book again next year, and have passed on our success with it to both Calvin and MSU who have both developed similar courses!

Susan Dunn, PhD, RN
Chairperson and Associate Professor
Hope College Nursing Department
35 East 12th St
Holland MI  49423

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