Nursing memoirs. I dream of two full rows in the bookstores of memoirs written by nurses. I see many more written by doctors. Why not nurses? Why not us? Yes, there are a few anthologies, but this is not like the life story of a nurse. And most of the nursing memoirs out there are about what I call “blood and guts” nursing—intensive care, emergency room, war.

But memoirs don’t have to be high drama to give folks a feel for what it is we nurses do and why we chose this profession. Just our day to day can be interesting. Enough to inspire those thinking about nursing to fall over the edge in love with our work. It’s our privilege at this time of a dire nursing shortage to be “advertisers” for the profession.

Get out your pen and start today. I used to tell my nursing students to keep a journal—just one word lists of your day. Enough to prompt your memory when you take the time to write it all out. Notice, I did not say, “find” the time. Yes, “take” the time. Don’t let the docs show us up!

Can you tell that I’ve just read the paper’s weekly literary page and am incensed? I want to see nurses there…