All Nature Sings: A Spiritual Journey of Place is a beautifully illustrated new memoir by a friend of mine–Carol J. Rottman. If you like nature and a warm, genuine voice, you will like what Carol describes as a “travel journal–not to exotic parts of the globe or to scenes of known beauty,” but just to her backyard. Her backyard is not a typical backyard, and she weaves details from her life with descriptions of her quarter-mile daily walk to the mailbox during all the seasons.

If you would like a cozy, comfortable, and informative read, coupled with an eye-catching cover, I suggest you check out Carol’s nature-themed website. See more about the book and learn more about what Carol is doing. Warning: you may feel like gardening just by looking at the cover below! Propped up on a display table, the book stopped everyone entering the publishers’ exhibits at the recent Faith & Writing Festival at Calvin College.

Carol is an accomplished memoirist. She’s taught her course in memoir writing many times and has been a mentor to many, including me. All Nature Sings is her second memoir.