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Unlike in Los Angeles, it’s not everyday we have movie crews here. So we went for a walk today to see the crash sites for the movie Transformers 3, starring Josh Duhamel, that is currently being shot here. Walk north with us on Michigan Avenue by the Chicago River.

The Michigan Avenue bridge is up with a car precariously perched over the edge.

Something BIG looks like it just happened along Wacker Drive. Fake bricks and all.

Smoke is coming out of the north side of the raised bridge! I’m too far away to see…

A helicopter hovers and drones overhead. If only I could catch a ride, I could see!

Visitors please take note. This CTA bus is NOT safe to ride under any circumstances!

The best (and only!) way to view the action from the underside is on a tour boat.

When you’re rerouted in stifling-hot humid weather to walk on Wabash Avenue, west of Michigan Avenue, enjoy the flower pots in front of Trump Tower.

And smile, come again, and enjoy our city with its never-ending things to see and do.