Hey Lois!

Got your book in the mail yesterday and I can’t put it down! I haven’t heard your voice in 18 years, but as I read this book I hear it like I’m 20 years old again sitting in your class at TCC. I’ve missed your wisdom, your stories and your integrity more than you know!!

I have laughed out loud and cried through this book today. Thank-you for your honesty. Thank-you for letting me know you and learn from you as a 20-year-old and again as a 40-year-old.

Do you remember when a professor from another discipline made an off-handed remark to you about teaching bed pan placement? Your response to him has stuck with me and has defined my work ethic as a nurse. You proudly and calmly said to him…. as a matter of fact I am teaching my students how to properly place a bedpan under a patient. They will do it in a way that is comfortable to the patient, protects his dignity and does not spill a drop of urine onto his clean bed. I think of that so often when I’m doing my job. Whether it’s a big job that everyone sees or something small like restocking a labor room so that the next pt and nurse have everything they need. Do it right. Do it well. Do it proudly.

[And] I feel like I know [your husband] after reading your book. I was thinking that every great book needs a hero and Marv is the hero in Caring Lessons. I’m sure you know that already:) He really is WAY ahead of his time.

Take care and thanks again for being a wonderful mentor.


Amy Nagelkirk

(Thank you, Amy, for giving me permission to print your letter! And you’ve inspired me to add the endorsements inside my book under “Endorsements” at the top of this blog. All, I know, will be helpful to potential readers.)