Need some good company today? Come along with me and check out the ElderChicks website.  This site is for women like me (“older” shall I say?) who delight in our retired lives and want to read about others like us and/or to share our own stories about how, according to the site, we are “living in a world most of our mothers and grandmothers didn’t imagine, let along inhabit”.

That’s a fun idea to think about, isn’t it? My mother would be nearly 107 now, and I know she never imagined that her daughter would be considering buying something as far out as an e-book reader. And I wonder how she would have responded to a current discussion on ElderChicks regarding: “What does giving mean to you?”  Since my mother often brought loaves of her homemade bread to shut-ins, she may have said, “To give of yourself in some way that will comfort others.”

This is a neat opportunity to tell others what is really meaningful to you at this time of giving. Is it the homeless on the street, your kids that you couldn’t give much to when they were younger and you were poorer, an organization that has come to mean much to you? You get the idea. Something that tugs at your heart and compels you to open your purse.

I found ElderChicks last summer, subscribed to it, and have enjoyed every post since. So when I read this “giving” challenge, I felt called to respond and tell about our decision to give the proceeds from sales of Caring Lessons: A Nursing Professor’s Journey of Faith and Self to nursing scholarships at Trinity Christian College. And I realized the simple act of writing it down made me feel good about it all over again. And I appreciated the insightful title they gave to my post: “Giving, Writing, and Giving Again”.

So if you need a break today and want to enjoy some good company, check out ElderChicks. You won’t be sorry!