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Thanksgiving oven

breathe in, be calmed, be thankful (source: Wikipedia)

Caring Lessons Now #3

In your rush to thaw the turkey, find the family’s favorite pecan pie recipe, and email your address to your guest list for their GPSs, have you taken a second to name what you are especially thankful for this year?

It’s easy about this time to get enmeshed and overwhelmed with the “be jolly” nature of the holidays. But, right now, take thirty seconds and complete this sentence: This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for ____________________________________________________________________.

While sitting this past week with a friend that is facing losing two members of her family to illness, we came up with something in the here and now for which we were thankful. That we could get out of bed, walk to our meeting place, and talk with and listen to each other.

Friendship. Caring for each other. And it costs nothing but time. Would this work for you?