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Caring Lessons Now #4

Yesterday, on my way to the radio interview in Elgin, I took the bus to Union Station where I presented my Reduced Fare (seniors) CTA card, sporting a photo ID, to the ticket agent.  He looked at it, glanced up at me, and said, “You pickin’ this up for your ma?”

I wasn’t sure of what he said through the glass. “Excuse me?”

He repeated, “You pickin’ this up for your ma?”

Now I got it. I laughed. “No, that’s me, believe it or not.” I took a breath. “Hey, I needed that comment. Just last week someone called me elderly, and I don’t see myself as that.”

Pushing my ticket through the tray under the glass, the balding man said, “They’ll find out someday. It happens to the best of us.”

As I scooted to the terminal, I wondered, Does he know he made my day?

Say something nice to someone today! And, later, I’ll have more about the fascinating  experience I had being a guest on The Laura Dion-Jones Show.