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Well.  A few of you have held me accountable this past week by asking how the no sugar deal is going. Fine, thank you! Marv is loving every piece of the pie he bought last week, and he doesn’t have to worry about me inhaling every sweet he brought home from his office Christmas party.

But my stomach has a thing to say to your stomach. Listen up!

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As you pouch out bloated with sugar, I’m eyeing the sweets on my owner’s kitchen counter. They are in order, left to right: tutti frutti hard candy, Frango Mints, white chocolate pretzels, peppermint chocolate cookies, cinnamon sugar cookies, crepes au chocolate cocoa flavored cookies, and caramel corn.

Just think if you had to watch this stuff get stale on the counter! It’s a crying shame. Not only that, but yesterday my owner passed up a bowl of peach cobbler while all the other stomachs around were simply gobbling it down. Over a hundred of them. If you don’t think I felt embarrassed in the corner hiding under my owner’s slacks, think again. I hate to be last at anything, and in this contest I didn’t even place!

At least my owner now says she’ll quit this no sugar tomfoolery on Saturday, the 31st. Why? Because she’s attending an annual family thing on New Year’s Day where it is tradition to eat angel food cake with lemon pudding as frosting. So, until then, I’ll sign off and let you all get more bloated up. Me? I’ll be dreaming about Sunday.

So, there you have it. I’ve let my stomach have her say. What is yours telling you?